Are ya tired of staying in with no place to go?  Me too! So Cath and I thought it might be nice to get you out of the house without breaking the rules which might get you exposed to the Covid 19 virus.

We know there is no way for us to have church services at the building without the possibility of someone getting exposed, so that is out, (we are trying to follow the guidelines of our government just like you are).  So we thought of a new idea to at least let it feel like you are going to church.

Next Saturday, April 11th, between 11 and 12 noon, Cath and I with a few others, (using social distancing) will be in the front parking lot with some gifts for the family. We will have a couple of plastic eggs, with special gifts inside, (by the way, we bought the eggs in a sealed bag with the items in the eggs already pre-packaged), a great children’s book on the First Easter (we got them 2 weeks ago and no one has touched them since they came in from Fed Ex), a couple of self-contained communion items to be shared at home, (again from Fed Ex delivered in a contained box), and we will give all of those to you without you getting out of your car.  We, with our plastic gloves on, will only get close enough to your car for you to reach out your window and take them.  Once you have the items, give us a smile, honk your horn and head back home and remember, WE LOVE YOU FAIRVIEW, ARE PRAYING FOR YOU AND MISS YOU A BUNCH!

Yep, this is a different Easter than we have ever had, but you can still make it a great weekend.  So:

Saturday, 11 til 12noon, drop by the church building and when you get home read the book to your kids and talk about it on Sunday, anytime you like, get on our Web site or Facebook and check out the special Easter message and music, and remember to be prepared to take communion together during the service

And , if you can, send your offering gifts to us through the mail or use pay pal on our Web site.

Address: 1991 Pacific Ave. Trowbridge, Ca. 95659

Web site: fairviewccc.org

Facebook: Fairview Community Christian Church

Email: info@fairviewccc.org

Phone: 916-215-3270

See ya Saturday, (live) and Sunday (online)? Hope so.  Blessings and stay safe, Pastor Mike