What does that spell? Covid 19….cute hey?


Happening on May 2, 11:00am at the church parking lot.

Let’s spend some time making visits with a purpose.  If you will bake some cookies,  put on a plate to serve them (use your kids to get involved) and bring them to the church parking lot on May 2, we will have addresses for you to deliver them to everyone we can think of in our area who are 65 years old and older.  It is time to get out of the house, (safely) and begin to touch people’s lives with a smile, a prayer and some good wishes.

Cath and I need your help to:

  1. Bake cookies, all different kinds are needed ( I mean when you ask Santa Claus which kind he likes he will tell you , “The round ones!!!”) 

  2. Be ready to take an hour or so on Saturday, the 2nd of May to deliver the cookies to a home that really needs a human touch. Please deliver the cookies with gloves on, we want to be careful.

  3. We need to have the visit addresses before Saturday, the 2nd, so we can give a short list out to each delivery driver…..that is YOU! (If we have enough people you will probably only have 3 or 4 visits to make.) Send the addresses to Cath and I via, subject line “Cookie Delivery”, by April 30th.

  4. Deliver the love, but do not get out of your car, unless you need to knock on the door to get people’s attention. Be loud, be happy, be loving.  

  5. Let people know you are thinking of them and care about each and every one of them

So, how about it?  Will you join us?  By the way, it would be fun to really make the delivery package awesome with colors, notes from your kids, notes from you, and a huge smile for everyone.

We can do this, and we need to do this.  It is time to get back into the lives of each other…..please be a part of this fun and service to one another.

May 2nd , 11:00am, meet in the parking lot with your goodies, and your family….then share some Cookie Visits Including Delivery. 

Mike and Cathie