From the Desk of Pastor Mike:

If there's one attitude families are guilty of more than any other when it comes to mothers, it's presumption...taking them for granted...being nearly blind on occasion to the load moms carry.  This was reinforced through a row of crazy greeting cards at a local drugstore.  One said, "Forget the housework, Mom.  It's your day.  Besides, you can always do double duty and catch up on Monday!"

Borrowing from that idea, we who have been guilty of presumption now consider the priceless value of the one woman who made our life possible - our mother.

Think about her example, her support, her humor, her insight, her sacrifices.  Her faith, hope and love.  Old "honest Abe" was correct:  "He is not poor who has had a godly mother."  Indebted, but not poor.

Moms, on Mother's Day we rise up and call you blessed.  But knowing you, you'll fee uneasy in the limelight.  True servants are like that.

You're probably going to be taken out to eat, or given flowers, or candy.  But in all honesty, it won't come anywhere near expressing our gratitude.  

So, live it up on Sunday.  It's all yours.  Love ya mom.  (Adapted from Charles Swindoll, Insight for Today)


Pastor Mike