From the Desk of Pastor Mike:

How many of you pray for our country and president?  Wow, does that hit home?  It's easy to talk about what's wrong with our country and about politicians we don't like.  If we spent the same amount of time and energy as Christians praying for both, our country would be in a much better place.

So, today I lift up our president.  God, give him wisdom in how he handles the affairs of this great nation, understanding of how to govern according to your ways.  Father, put Christians around him who will give him godly wisdom to make good decisions for our country.

I pray for all of our politicians in Washington, D.C. and across the country.  I ask that from the smallest town to the largest city those who govern them would seek you and your Word for wisdom.  Let them live justly, walk humbly and lover mercy.  Let them see you as our Healer, Savior and Guide.  Amen.

Maybe we should spend more time on our knees and less time verbally assaulting our country and her leaders.  Think about it.

Pastor Mike