From the Desk of Pastor Mike:


Come one come all, to join a live video bible study on Wednesdays, starting April 1st, at 7:00 p.m.  We will not be finishing, for now, the "Overcomer" study as it takes a lot more interaction, video, etc. than we can do online.  (We will finish later).

If you will sign up for the free app for Zoom, and send me your email address, then I will send out invites to whoever signs up for the bible study with a weekly invite.  You will be able to ask questions, give feedback, etc.  So:

  • Sign up for Zoom (the free one)

  • Send me your email address

  • Use your laptop or desk top computer (I think phones work as well)

  • Wait for the invite and use the code given to join the meeting

  • (If you have trouble getting all of that together let me know).

The study will be I and II Thessalonians.  We will cover the why, the when and how this book applies so well to our lives today.  We will keep this virtual study going until the virus gets taken care of.  (Although I will be taking some vacation when they finally let me out of the house...can anyone say, "Cabin Fever?"

So come on, bring your popcorn and sweet tea into the living room, settle down with the bible in one hand and your notes in the other.  I mean what else do we have to do?

Also wanted to remind you that you can now give on PayPal each week to continue your giving...thank you so much.

How about less, listen more and give the Lord and others a chance to be heard.

Pastor Mike