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Pastor Mike & Cathie Cook

My wife and I have been in the Nicolaus area now for over 5 years serving at Fairview Community Christian Church on Pacific Ave. in Trowbridge.  We have enjoyed so much becoming a part of this community and are looking forward to many more years of ministry at Fairview.  I wanted to give you a little background about us so that when we meet on a Sunday morning you would feel right at home with our community family.

Cathie, my wonderful wife, and I have been married for almost 50 years and have four great kids.  All of them are married and are involved at different levels in Christian ministry.  We now have 15 grandchildren.  What a blast when we all get together!!!

I have been a pastor for over 35 years and have had the opportunity to begin new church plants, grow a church from 125 to over 1100 attending on Sunday morning, work with Stadia Church Development in assessing prospective new church planters, helped with assimilation process of existing churches to restart and I have worked with many churches across the United States to help them with their vision, mission, staff development, personal leadership development, building programs, etc.  Last year I wrote a book on leadership and certain “swing keys” to be aware of as you lead in ministry and life.  As you can see, ministry has been my life for a long time.

I am certified as an Everything DiSC trainer, a certified business coach, graduated from Ozark Christian College, completed my work with the Institute for Reality Therapy and a number of other educational opportunities.

I enjoy sharing the Sunday messages in a practical and hopefully enjoyable style as we uncover the truths of Scripture and how God’s Word would apply to our lives.  Our worship services are filled with great music, multiple instruments and everything from country to a blues feel.

I am also involved in this community by teaching golf at East Nicolaus High School and have been active in junior golf programs with kids in this area for the last four years.

Someone asked me the other day what kind of a church are we and I think this describes us well: We are a country church who loves to care for others in our community, gets excited about worshiping together and are committed to loving people through the Word of God. Pretty simple when you think about it.  Come by sometime and let’s meet.


~Pastor Mike

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